ATLASrift is a Virtual Reality application that provides an interactive, immersive visit to the ATLAS experiment. Using it, one can learn about the experiment as a whole, inspect individual sub-detectors, view real interactions, or take a scripted walkthrough explaining questions physicists are trying to answer.

We envision it being used in two different ways:

Getting ATLASrift

For owners of Oculus Rift it is really easy to get ATLASrift.  Simply send me (ivukotic@cern.ch) the mail you used to register with Oculus and I will send you an invitation for the beta tester. In that way you will be always have the application auto-update.

To directly download the latest version you can use this link. This version works with all hardware (OR, HTC vive, no VR at all).


ATLASrift goes to Washington DC

ATLASrift was a part of the US LHC User's Association's stand at the bianual USA Science and Engineering Festival 2016 in Washington DC. This two day event is visited by thousands of people and has hundreds of exhibitors. If judged by the numbers of : Ohhh, Awsome, Wauuu, Or my gosh, ...  presentation was very very successfull. Probably thousand people were able to virtually visit ATLAS experiment. We learned a few things:

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