ATLASrift goes to Washington DC

ATLASrift was a part of the US LHC User's Association's stand at the bianual USA Science and Engineering Festival 2016 in Washington DC. This two day event is visited by thousands of people and has hundreds of exhibitors. If judged by the numbers of : Ohhh, Awsome, Wauuu, Or my gosh, ...  presentation was very very successfull. Probably thousand people were able to virtually visit ATLAS experiment. We learned a few things:

  • never ever fly Spirit Airlines
  • have poles and extensor tape to control the queue
  • have a bar stool for the "midners"
  • make a very large, non-technical poster
  • make a postcard size takeaway with the basic info and references for people interested to follow up.

Here a short video and a few photos from the festival:

Only two days later ATLASrift was a part of the Fermilab presentation at the US Capital Building where politicians had an oportunity to learn about High Energy Physics and were shown 3 VR applications. Here few photos from that event:


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