Credits & Contacts

This project is primary developed by Ilija Vukotic, with support from:

  • University of Chicago
  • ATLAS Collaboration "Virtual Worlds" and "ATLAS in a Suitcase" outreach teams
  • ATLAS Collaboration Software & Computing project

For all questions, suggestions please contact:

Ilija Vukotic

University of Chicago

5620 S Ellis Ave

Chicago IL 60637, USA



Other contributors are :

  • ATLAS cavern and LHC: inputs from Tatiana Klioutchnikova (CERN, ATLAS), Ignacio Zurbano Fernandez (CERN, LHC)
  • ATLAS events integration: Ed Moyse (University of Massachusetts), Riccardo Maria Bianchi (University of Pittsburgh)
  • CERN globe model: building by Albert Soubeyran (AS-Conception3D), subdetectors geometry from Joao Pequenao (CERN)
  • CERN globe content and demos support material: Michael Hovdesven (ATLAS Outreach intern) and Claire Adam Bourdarios (ATLAS Outreach/CNRS)
  • ATLAS control room model: Vladimir Cerovic

Menu improvement, posters & "autopilot" benefited from the feedback of several beta testers:

  • Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL): Alastair Dewhurst & students
  • University of Geneva: Nuit de la Science team (2016)
  • University of Prague: Jiri Chudoba


  • Italian - Riccardo Maria Bianchi
  • German - Friedrich G Hoenig 
  • Czech - Jiri Chudoba
  • Chineese - Wenjing Wu
  • French - Claire Adam Burdarois
  • English, Montenegrin - Ilija Vukotic 

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