ATLASrift is a Virtual Reality application that provides an interactive, immersive visit to the ATLAS experiment. Using it, one can learn about the experiment as a whole, inspect individual sub-detectors, view real interactions, or take a scripted walkthrough explaining questions physicists are trying to answer.

We envision it being used in two different ways:

  • as an educational and outreach tool - for schools, universities, museums and interested individuals
  • as an event viewer for ATLAS physicists – for them it will provide a much better spatial awareness of an event, track and jet directions, occupancies and interactions with detector structures.


The application was developed using Unreal Engine https://www.unrealengine.com/ and mainly targeting OculusRift.  Contributions are very welcome. Source code may be obtained from https://github.com/ivukotic/ATLASrift.


For all questions, suggestions please contact:

Ilija Vukotic


University of Chicago

5620 S Ellis Ave

Chicago IL 60637, USA


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