In preparation for the new release

A lot of developments lately! The in-app menu's got completely redesigned, both outside and inside. Additional graphics modes: translucent, wireframe, solo give a whole new level of experience and usability. A really great contribution comes from Dale Mertes (dale AT, University of Chicago scientific visualization expert. Vladimir Cerovic (nvidiatech AT He drastically reduced complexity of all the subdetectors and made UV unwraps of these really complicated shapes. Hope to see performance shoot up and make for an enjoyable experience even on less than high-end graphics cards. The new realease is less than a two weeks away...



Map of ATLASrift users

The application loads the event data from the Google Application Engine web server. This gives us possibility to know where the user comes from. This is it.

Approved !

After two weeks delay, the ATLASrift application was approved and published in Oculus Share:

This is a prerelase version which works with pre-0.6 oculus runtime. Version compiled for runtime 0.7 and packed for Windows 10 is almost ready. The 0.7 is a huge improvement, application is smoother and debugging screens for measuring latences etc are really helpful...

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