Public & BoF sessions in Sofia

Software and distributed computing play a major role in fundamental science -  High Energy Physics in particular - where hundreds of petabytes of data are analysed using worldwide computing resources. About 500 experts from the field gather every 18 months in the CHEP conference, which location rotates between Americas, Europe, and Asia.

The 2018 conference took place in Sofia, 9-13 July, and started very well with a public event on Universal Science. Excellent occasion for ATLASrift, Belle II and CERN developers of VR projects to team up, enjoy the public questions ...

And learn later in the week about a new acronym BoF session where a few outreach enthusiasts could echange ideas on how HEP computing can be explained to the public.



Does it compare ?

Detectors experts have a few weeks to do maintenance work during the LHC "End of the Year Techninal Stop".
Excellent occasion to compare the upcoming ATLASrift 2.0 description with the real - and somewhat more complicated - ATLAS detector, services and cavern. 



Fête de la Science 2016

Both Rutherford Appleton Lab in the UK (RAL) and the University of Geneva embark into public demos. Their feedback will the base of the next round of development. 



ATLASrift goes to Washington DC

ATLASrift was a part of the US LHC User's Association's stand at the bianual USA Science and Engineering Festival 2016 in Washington DC. This two day event is visited by thousands of people and has hundreds of exhibitors. If judged by the numbers of : Ohhh, Awsome, Wauuu, Or my gosh, ...  presentation was very very successfull. Probably thousand people were able to virtually visit ATLAS experiment. We learned a few things:

  • never ever fly Spirit Airlines
  • have poles and extensor tape to control the queue
  • have a bar stool for the "midners"
  • make a very large, non-technical poster
  • make a postcard size takeaway with the basic info and references for people interested to follow up.

Here a short video and a few photos from the festival:

Only two days later ATLASrift was a part of the Fermilab presentation at the US Capital Building where politicians had an oportunity to learn about High Energy Physics and were shown 3 VR applications. Here few photos from that event:


The first CV1 ready version


A lot of news lately! There is the first ATLASrift version compiled for shipping with the Oculus runtime 1.3.1. It can be downloaded here.

Much better performance, and a lot of changes:

  • event animations
  • more events in the database
  • multiplayer option
  • closer to reality colors, 
  • a lot of bugfixes, options...

And a new tutorial video:

Map of ATLASrift users

The application loads the event data from the Google Application Engine web server. This gives us possibility to know where the user comes from. This is it.

DPF2015 poster session

A lot of interest today at DPF 2015 poster session. I could never get tired of listening: "Amazing!", "Oh!", "Oh god!", "Wow...". But explaining even just the basics for 6 hours, made me loose my voice and my legs to start complaining.

Here just a few photos and one video




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